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Compact shelving

FOREG 2000 compact shelving is a proven system developed for archiving and storaging and has through 40 years delivered all sorts of archiving solutions throughout Europe..


FOREG 2000 compact shelving has through the last 30 years been tested and developed especially for the storaging of many different magazines and objects..

Library shelving

The possibilites within design and colors are close to limitless. Would you like frontlining in steel, glass wood or ? You could also implement your logo or other designfaces..

Library shelving

FOREG 1000 library shelving is made in many variants. Almost no delivery is the same...


FOREG compact shelving for museums makes it possible to almost double the capacity or halfen the space used compared to stationary shelving


Moveable with manual operation. FOREG 2000 is an compact shelving that saves on the much needed m2.

COMPACT / Electric

FOREG 2000 compact shelving with electric powering is one of the most userfriendly on the market.


All of our shelving are produced on a state of the art factory and meets the most strict environmental and quality norms.

Arkiv-Technic ApS

Arkiv-Technic ApS was established with the intention of being a strong and serious supplier of Archive-, library- and storage design for the danish public service and business. FOREGs shelving system from Arkiv-Technic ApS is making this task alot easier, whether it is regarding archives, museums, magazines or open areas in libraries. With a perfect well structered and functioning filingsystem, it will be a pleasure to store and find items.

Focusing on a broad productline, and working closely with our suppliers, makes us capable of offering the service our customers demands and deserves.