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Library shelving

FOREG 1000 library shelving system is a complete system, developed for libraries in public and private businesses. FOREG 1000 library shelving system has a light and simple design and is used for i.e. display of brochues, magazines and books. FOREG 1000 library shelving system is tested in libraries throughout Europe for the past 25 years.
FOREG 1000 library shelving system is produced in a wast number of variants, almost no delivery is the same.

There are almost no limits to the choices of design, color, frontplates ind steel, glass, wood and more. You can also choose to incorporate your logo or other designdetails. Your imagination - and budget - is the limit.
FOREG 1000 Library shelving system helps secure the area dynamics, as well as standard modules secures an affordable expansion down the line. Furthermore standard modules secures flexibility in the design, now and in the future.

Bottomline, we deliver a tailormade solution, at fair pricing.

FOREG 1000 library shelving is available in different editions.
1. Wallmounted with a pole directly on the wall.
2. As a singlesided shelf intended for putting against a wall, with a mainpillar shaped as an "L".
3. As a doublesided shelf intended freestanding shelf, with a mainpiller shaped as an "T".
Usually as a combination of the 3.

Additionally both L- and T-pillars can be mounted on a mobile cart and thereby be converted to a compactshelf, which lets you almost double the capacity or halfen the space used, compared to other solutions.
FOREG 1000 libraryshelves is produced in steel and the powderpainted in the desired colour. The shelves is available in many heights, lenghts and depths. This creates an oppertunity to build and rebuild to fit both existing and future demands and wishes.

Almost all of the accessory details from the FOREG 2000 system can be used in the FOREG 1000 library shelving system. That springs from our philosofy with standardised elements. Naturally it is also possible to use FOREG 2000 for library shelving.
Libraries and businesses all over europe has shown their trust in us, by letting os arrange their public areas, bookmagazines or corporate libraries. Amongst others: The New British Library, Jena Landebibliothek, Kings College in London, Rottenburg Library, Schweizer Landesbibliothek, St. Pölten Landesbibliothek, Glostrup Courthouse.

Clients who all has benefited from experiences made with FOREG 1000.

All library solution kan bed designed, build and mounted especially for the rooms and the usage and therefor it meets the demands. It is of course possible to choose a standard solution med a favorable price and fast delivery.

Alle shelves can be delivered in a wast number of design variations and with a broad accessory program, please see shelf details for more information.

Our interior designers will happily participate in a non-binding meeting where we together can clarify your storage needs.