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FOREG 2000 stationary shelving systems and FOREG 2000 movable shelving systems are delivered with 5 different gable types and countless front panels, the imagination is the limit.

Gable, FOREG 2000 shelving systems are delivered with 4 different gable types. Normally the open gables are used as center gables together with close gables as end gables.

Front paneles, FOREG 2000 shelving systems can be equipped with front panels. There are no limitation when it comes to the formulation of the front panels, here we have shown a few examples. The front panels can be delivered with frosted glass, massive wood, painted in colors matching the room or decorated by recognized artists. The choice is yours.

Here you only find a small sample of our great accessory program, if you can't find excactly what you need, contact us, we are sure there is a solution, also for your needs.

Compact shelving systems

Accessories for FOREG 2000

Compact shelving systems

Front paneles for FOREG 2000


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