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Lockers for preparedness, defence and police
Lockers for enforcement, defence and police is designed especially for storage of full equipment.

The lockers is organized as desired from our standards and is fitted to the special storage needs which is requested by the specific patron for lockers. This applies for both demands from policeunits, needs for fighter pilots and other enforcements.

The lockers has shelves for both helmets, boots and shoes. With a clothes rack for firefightersuits and coveralls, with hooks for belts etc. Futhermore it is possible to have an letter slot and a small drawer for e.g. gloves and much more.

Are there any special request to interior decoration, we will tailormake a solution for both decoration and colorchoice.

Lockers can be fitted to fit all needs from police, firefighters, defence and other patrons.
We have decided to market all lockers in RAL 7040 light grey, this color can be put next to almost all other colors. There are countless opportunities, so it should be possible to find just the right color for your solution. Today one of the most used solutions is that every team has their own color.

For example if there is 3 teams, lockers can be arranged so there is two lockers between the single members of the team.

Since no solution for these branches are the same, a deliverytime of 8 - 10 weeks are expected.

As a part of our program we also offer open lockers for the department. These are placed either in central located lockerrooms, often near emergency vehicles or where fast changing of clothes is needed.

All lockers are produced in a newer state of the line facility using ISO 9001 certified quality control systems.

Since there is no standard solution, but only tailormade solutions, we recommend that you contact us, so we together can determine demands and wishes for the interior decoration.