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Fireproof cabinets
Our fireproof filing cabinets looks just like regular filing cabinets, which are used for storing A4 or folio filing folders. However there is a main difference. Our fireproof cabinet can withstand a violent fire without the content is damaged. These cabinets are of course tested for containing documents in fireclass NT FIRE 017-60P (60 minutes).

Our fireproof cabinets are delivered with 2, 3 or 4 drawers. Same for all is that they are delivered with central lock and automatic latch. This means that the drawer only has to be pushed shut to be soundly fireproof. All models are delivered with independent isolation of all drawers, which means that should one drawer be open during a fire, the remaining drawers will still be fireproof.

Our fireproof cabinets comes in two different drawerdepth and is therefore suitable for all office environments.
Fireproof document cabinets

Fireproofing of the companys documents is often an overlooked subject, where consequences of losing company documents like invoices, client register, order as well as regular client history is not something that is top of mind.

We have a complete series of fireproof document cabinets where both A4 binders and filing folders kan be stored basically in the same way, as you would use an ordinary shelving system. Our fireproof document cabinet is of course tested and approved after NT FIRE 017, which is your warranty for quality.

Our series of document cabinets contains 9 different sizes and can be delivered in measurements for 460 mm to 2000 mm height. All cabinets is per default delivered as standard with movable shelves and keylock with two keys. The cabinets can furthermore be delivered with electronic keylock.

All fireproof cabinets can be arranged as you wish with pull-out shelves, lockable vault, filing folders, data boxes and much more.

Fireproof and antitheft cabinets.

B&W cabinets are burglary tested and approved by SKAFOR in class RED, maingroup 2. B&W series is furthermore firetested for storaging of documents in fireclass NT Fire 017 - 60P (60 minutes)

B&W series is produced to meet the high security demands and is constructed in several layer of thick steelplates casted in special concrete. The hatch is of same material and equipped with powerful steel rigs in both sides and top and bottom. the locking mechanics is equipped with drilling secure mangan steel and explosives secure and cuttings afety.

B&W cabinets are also tested for storaging of data medias (60D). To pass the 60D test, the cabinet must be equipped with a data fitting. By this you have a complete storage unit where you can combine both burglary prevention, fireproofing of documents, and fireproofing of datamedia in one cabinet. This gives a high level of flexibility and also limits the purchase to one cabinet.

B&W series comes in 5 different colors in heights from 650 mm to 1930 mm and is per default delivered with movable shelves and keylock with two keys.

The cabinets can also be delivered with socket, internal deposit boxes, lockable boxspace, drawer and filing frame, databox etc. Finally the cabinets is of course available with electronic codelock.