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Hänel Rotomat®
is one of europes most wellknown paternoster for use in archives or depots and has been produced for more than 60 years. We offer a flexible storage- and archive system that can be fitted for your need.

The Rotomate can be beneficially used in situaions where space is minimal and where taking advantage of height in the room is a wish or a necessity or where there are many uniform cases that needs fast and easy storage.

The Rotomate can contain thousands of documents and other items, easily accessed in few m2.

The Rotomate delivers filed items directly to the user, compared to traditional shelving systems and cabinets, the Rotomate is faster, more ergonomical and time saving. E.g. you don't have to search isle after isle for storaged material. An quick tap on an button on the keyboard brings the shelf with the materials to you.
The Rotomate is the ideal solution when it comes to saving space. In a traditional archive or in a depot you rarely use more than 4 shelves effectively, the top shelf is seldomly used because it is to high up and the bottom shelf either, because you have to bend over or squat down to find the materials. That is not how the Rotomate works.

The Rotomate finds the materials and presents them to you in a userfriendly height, no matter if your working position is standing or sitting. So you do not have to walk through long and often cramped shelving isles to get the storaged material. With the Rotomate, you'll also take advantage of the height of the room and thereby saves on expensive m2, which instead can be used for productive tasks.

All you have to do is to enter the shelf number, then the office machine brings out the shelf. As an accessory there is softwarecontrol that can be connected to its own or existing Computer system which will then control the Rotomate.

To avoid staff or items getting caught in the machine, the Rotomate is equipped with photocells and safety lists that when activated puts the Rotomate to an immediate stop. Furthermore the office machine can be delivered with securitysystems suchs as automatic emergency stop.

The Rotomate is available in such a large amount of standard editions, mentioning all here will be to comprehensive. There is also a large number of special editions fitted for clientspecific demands. This can be fireproofing, special formats, antitheft etc. etc. the sky is the limit.