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Compact shelves

Movable shelves with electric function
FOREG 2000 compact shelves is a proven system developed for archiving and storage and have for more than 40 years been delivered to all sorts of archives throughout Europe.

With FOREG 2000 compact shelves you will be saving a lot of expensive m2. FOREG 2000 compact shelves gives you the opportunity to almost double the capacitiy or halfen the area compared to stationary shelves.

FOREG 2000 compact shelving with electric function er on of the most userfriendly systems there is. Just press a button and the isle opens.

The electrical driven compact shelf kan be expanded with LED lighting for a very low energi consumption. The light will automatically only be turned on in the open isle, and after a preset amount of minutes, the light will turn off.

The floor buildup is exactly the same as with the manually operated shelves. The only difference is the electric steering.

FOREG 2000 compact shelves has already proven its strenght for different storage areas in many archives, stores and at large companies.

Just to name a few:
Universities of: Wien, Oxford, Cambridge og Bochum.
Stores as: Sportsmaster, Intersport, Euro sko og Timberland.
Public archives: The Danish National Archives, The Royal Danish Library, The New British Library og The Federal Archives in Berlin.
Private companies: A.P. Møller A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, Biogen Idec, National Bank of Denmark, Siemens A/S, BBC London and The Schweiziske National Bank has great experiences with FOREG 2000 movable shelves.


For large archive- and storage solutions, the project is developed specifically to meet the demands.

The movable shelv system is more or less non-maintenance, extremely reliable and requries a minimum of service. Please read the service section

All FOREG 2000 shelves can be delivered in a countless amount of designvariations, and with a wide accessoriescatalog.

Our interior designers will happily participate in a non-binding meeting where we together can clarify your storage needs.