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Museum Shelving systems

Moveable shelves for various storage
FOREG 2000 compact shelves is developed especially for storage of many different items and has been tested in facilities and collections all over Europe for the last 30 years.

FOREG 2000 shelving systems is the basic system of our catalog and is used as archiveshelf, depot shelf, small goods shelves, stationary shelf, compact shelf and two floors compact shelves. All shelves are delivered in different standard editions, adapted for various usages.

FOREG 2000 shelving system is used as both compact, storage and small goods shelving system.

FOREG 2000 movable shelves is available in 3 different editions.

1. FOREG 2000 movable shelving system is a heavy duty system.
2. FOREG 2000L movable shelving system is for lighter items.
3. FOREG 2000M extra slim movable shelving system mobilreol for items like paintings, photographies or arts.

All solutions saves precious m2 and provides easy access.
FOREG 2000 compact shelving systems is used for all sorts of items suchs as statues, sculptures, furnitures, cheramics, zoological and geological collections, textiles, paintings, photos, grafics, sketches, drawings and much more...

We will design a shelf system just for your storage needs.

FOREG 2000 compact shelving system provides the opportunity to almost double the capacity or halfen the space needed compared to other solutions.

FOREG 2000 compact shelvings is made with rolleasy wheels and rolls with ball bearings which makes it easier to present, sort and admire the storaged items.
Museums that has already shown their faith in us, by letting us design the optimum storage solution is e.g.: The New British Library, Landesarkiv Berlin, Graz museum, Senckenburg museum, Bern museum and more.

Every single one of the above mentioned, has enjoyed FOREG 2000 movable shelving systems.

All storage solutions are design, produced and mounted for every single room and the usage, in order to match the demands.
The shelving system is practically maintenance-free, extremely reliable and requires a minimum of service, please see the service section.

Alle shelves can be delivered in a wast number of design variations and with a broad accessory program, please see shelf details for more information.

Our interior designers will happily participate in a non-binding meeting where we together can clarify your storage needs.