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Technical details

Here follows all the dull details that makes FOREG 2000 stationary shelving systems and FOREG 2000 movable shelving systems futureproof
Gables and shelves:

Gable heights (standard)
1632 mm
1952 mm
2232 mm
2592 mm
2952 mm

Gable heights (upon requests)
From 832 mm to 2952 mm with 40 mm leaps

Shelf depths(standard)
250 mm
300 mm
350 mm
400 mm
500 mm
600 mm
700 mm

Shelf depths (special)
200 mm - 220 mm - 270 mm - 320 mm – 330 mm - 370 mm - 420 mm
All of these special depths does require a minimum order of 1000 shelves pr. delivery

Shelf length (standard)
800 mm C/C – 770 mm effectively
900 mm C/C – 870 mm effectively
1000 mm C/C – 970 mm effectively
1100 mm C/C – 1070 mm effectively
1200 mm C/C – 1170 mm effectively

Shelf length (special)
All of these special shelves can be made, however it requires a minimum order of 1000 shelves pr. delivery

Colors (standard)
Galvanised and/or Light grey – RAL 7035

Colors (special)
All colors in RAL colorscheme is without additional charge.
Special colors in RAL or NCS colorscheme at extra cost and extended delivery.
FOREG 2000 compact shelving system
FOREG 2000 compact shelving system offers two ways of producing the rail solution:

The rails are embedded into new or existing floorconstruction (here shown embedded) (embedding of rails is done by carpenter), or the rails can be placed on top of existing floors with a middlefloor provided with an slipsafe coating, aluminium floors or massive woodfloor e.g. in the same sort as the existing floor.
FOREG 2000 compact shelves motion systems:
Wheel / chain driven
Chain in floor: motion through chain integrated in rail and gears on a shaft with intervention in the chain. Motion by turning the wheel.
FOREG 2000 electrically driven compact shelving system
Electric motor combined with chain in floor. Motion by pushing a button.
Both shelving system with manual and electric powered motion can be equipped with our newest LED shelf lighting.