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Archive shelving

Stationary shelving still plays an important part when layouting archives, depots and librarys.

At ARKIV-TECHNIC we have refined the classic models of stationary shelves and added many new variations and details.

FOREG 2000 shelf is the basis of our shelf system and can be used both as stationary, depots, small goods, compact as well as two storage compact system. All in different standard editions made for the specific use.
FOREG 2000 stationary shelves can have the exact same layout as the movable shelves and with a broad selection of accessories made for the specific requests.

FOREG 2000 stationary shelves is also great for all other kinds of storage functions, especially in connection with other furnishings where it can be perfectly integrated.

ARKIV-TECHNIC takes pride in allways delivering high quality shelves with an optimal finish and great carrying capacity. All of our systems meets the strict european demands. Our systems are galvanised, but it is possible to powder paint the product to secure optimal finish and carrying capacity. Other advantages is the high amount of combination possibilites, designvariations and accessoryprograms.

FOREG 2000 stationary shelves consits of a number of advantages:
Shelves and accessories can be moved with 20 mm leaps.
Module based system.
Tested carrying capacities.
Multiple accessory options.
Can be expanded when needed.
Powder painted surfaces.
Easy montage.

We will be happy to prepare a layout, as well as present you with a non-binding offer for your exact needs.

The system is fitted to all needs, and is used in particular in archives, offices, libraries, magazines and in storage facilities.

Dimensions and more is found under SYSTEM DETAILS - Technical details.