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Annual service subscription
We offer to do the annual safety check which is required on all makes of compact shelving systems with electric powering, and also office machines. We also do annual inspection on manually driven compact shelving systems of all makes.

When signing up for a yearly subscription you don't have to worry about the safety or that requirements are met. Our service department will once a year contact you, and together we will plan safety checks. As a proof of the safety check, you will recieve a comprehensive report. Besides an overview of the shelving systems conditions and safety level the service report also contains an error report and a cost estimate on repairs.

Fixed prepaid annual fee.

Operating service

Operating service contains the same as a annual service subscription, but the costs are different because we are not able to plan ahead. Of course there will be a discount on our subscriptions. This service is invoiced per bill.

On assembly we of course also take care of delivery, unloading and transporting the new shelves inside. We also remove packing and take it to an assigned dumpster or dispose of it the cheapest and most correct way.

Assambly and disassambly
ARKIV-TECHNIC can, besides assemblying our own systems and machines, offer assembling or disassebling all other makes, so you as a client when moving inhouse or to a new location only need to contact one supplier.

All of our fitters are skilled and specially trained with many years experience in the business and our suppliers secures a high professional level through ongoing training.

Our servicevans are all equipped with top of the line tools, measuringtools and the most necessary parts. All to secure that shelves and machines is in optimal working condition - now as well as in 10 years.

After sales service
ARKIV-TECHNIC offers a second to none after sales service. Usually we can locate drawings and descriptions of every installation we have delivered and will deliver. This secures that shelves and other shelfparts can be reordered in the years to come. Our supplier offers 15 years of supplyservice and if that is not enough, we will be glad to produce special shelves, to secure your installation many years ahead.