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Student lockers and staff cabinets.
Student lockers and staff cabinets can be used on schools, in offices and in public environments. The storagelockers makes the most use of limited space, protects against theft and provides a clean room environment.

All of our lockers and staff cabinets are produced in a newer state of the art factory and meets the strictest environmental- and quality norms. The wardrobes are GS approved and is produced after ISO 9001 certified quality control systems.

What makes our lockers stand out is the many options. The lockers can be delivered in a countless number of combinations.

The lockers can be mounted on walls or placed on undercarriage.
Undercarriage can be delivered as a closed socket or on legs with set screws.
Wall mounted lockers can be delivered with a bench module, freestanding lockers kan be delivered with a bench stand. All benches is available in many colors and designs.

The student lockers and staff cabinets can be delivered with both straight or oblique roof.

The door comes in many materials and colors. Steel (single plate), steel with extra vandal secured with double plating af foam in the gap and laminate.

Locks comes in different variations depending on placement and function. Selections are padlock, built in lock with or without main key system, coinlock, code lock or electronic lock.

Student lockers and staff cabinets can be delivered with different spaceheights, depending on the needs.

Cabinets, doors and undercarriage is available in many colors. Over 30 standard colors to choose from, so it should be possible to find just the right color for your solution.

All lockers is available in a countless number of variations and with a large accessory catalog.

Our consultants are more than happy to participate in a non binding meeting, where you together can map out your wishes and storage needs.