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Compact shelving

2 floors - FOREG 2000 TwinSpace
FOREG 2000 TwinSpace compact shelving system in 2 floors is used in rooms with high ceilings and is especially suitable for largescale archives where effiency and a very effective use of space is combined.

With a FOREG 2000 TwinSpace compact shelving system you are also cutting m2 expenses. The 2 floors provides the opportunity to more than double the capacity or halfen the use of space compared to ordinary mobile shelves.

FOREG 2000 TwinSpace compact shelving system is of course equipped with power drive, which is on of the most userfriendly systems on the marked. Simply press a button on the panel and the isle opens up and down.

Besides the power drive the compact shelving system offers shelf lighting, steered by the shelfcontrol so lights are only activated in an open isle and automatically shuts off after a predetermined time.

The build of the floor is with its down- and grouted rails making sure the shelves always moves precisely.

FOREG 2000 TwinSpace has already proven its strenght in many archives. In Denmark the system is used in the National Archives new magazines, where we have delivered approximately 76.000 shelf meters.
For largescale archive- and storageprojects like the National Archives, we develop shelf solutions to match the specifications listed, and here we have developed several special solutions. For example there is automatic night- and ventilation settings, so the shelves on a predefined time splits into smaller sections, alloving the ventilation to spread and making it more difficult for a fire to evolve.

The shelving system is practically maintenance-free, extremely reliable and requires a minimum of service, please see the service section.

Alle shelves can be delivered in a wast number of design variations and with a broad accessory program, please see shelf details for more information.

Our interior designers will happily participate in a non-binding meeting where we together can clarify your storage needs.