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Stationary shelving

Stationary shelving is still an important part of archive-, library and custody arrangement.

At ARKIV-TECHNIC we've managed to reinfine the classic way of shelving with many new variations and details..

Archive shelving
Depot / small goods

Compact / moveable

With a compact / moveable shelving system, you can save a big amount of expensive m2.

The compact shelving system is developed especially for filing and storage of all sorts of material.

Moveable manual function
Moveable electric function

Compact 2 storage

FOREG® TwinSpace compact 2 storage shelving is used in rooms with high ceilings. They are especially useable in big archiveareas.

Compact shelving

Library shelving

FOREG® 1000 library shelf is a complete system developed for libraries and in public or private businesses. The system is also suitable for showroom, printer- and copyroon etc.

Library shelving

Museum shelving

At ARKIV-TECHNIC we offer shelving for many different museum objects. We are experienced in arranging storage and museum magazine for both museums in Denmark and the rest of europe.

FOREG© 3000 paiting shelves is an compact shelving system especially developed for storing paintings. It has been used and tested through 30 years all over europe.

Painting storage
Magazine storage

System details

ARKIV-TECHNIC offers all the right elements for every kind of storage and filing..

The elements can be combined in alot of different ways and can also be used as an expansion for an existing system.

Technical details

Annual service, Operationservice and mounting

ARKIV-TECHNIC offers service, safetychecks and mounting on all systems and makes. Furthermore we offer layout service for both small and large scale assignments.

Annual service
layout service


ARKIV-TECHNIC offers lockers to layout of changing rooms, lockers for schools, mail handling, special layout for defence, police and much more.

Defence, police etc.

Storeroom layout

ARKIV-TECHNIC also design storeroom layouts with a standardised space division system. The system can be delivered with open grid, closed walls, windowprofiles and doors with different types of locks.

Storeroom layout

Filing cabinets

ARKIV-TECHNIC offers layots with cabinets for many different purposes and in many different designs.

Filing cabinets
Office cabinets
Drawing cabinets
Fireproof and antitheft cabinets

Archive machines

ARKIV-TECHNIC offers Hänel Rotomat®, a flexible storage- and filing system, which adapts optimal to the need. Hänel Rotomat® is developed especially for filing and storing where space is limited or ergonomical consideration is a priority.

Archive machines

Storage facilities

ARKIV-TECHNIC offers pallet systems which can be used in both smalle storage facilities and in large high-bay warehouses.

Storage faicilities

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Danish Tax Authority, IKEA A/S, Vestas A/S, Danfoss A/S, PFA Pension, Ærø Museum, Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, Rigshospitalet, Værløse Apotek, The Danish Coastal Authority, LSG SkyChefs A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, Lolland Municipality, Gefion Gymnasium, Danish Emergency Management Agency, Kemp & Lauritzen A/S, RegionH - Herlev Hospital, Agency for Culture and Palaces, RegionH – Bispebjerg Hospital, Aarhus University etc.